Demand for cocoa is constantly rising, due to both an increase in emerging countries disposable
income and an increase in the consumption of chocolate-based products. This trend should
be matched by a similar growth in cocoa production in the coming years. In order
to frame these activities, many foundations, organizations and companies have
emerged over the past decade to promote, develop and educate
the sector’s stakeholders.

The purpose and aim of these organizations is to raise the awareness in the market about organic,
traceability and sustainability issues while promoting good work practice, so as to improve
farmer incomes and levels of productivity respecting the environment.

We subscribe to these objectives and are in certification
process by Rain Forest Alliance in some of our origins.

We recognize and emphasize the usefulness of organizations such as:
World Cocoa Foundation, UTZ/Rain Forest Alliance, Max Havelaar, Bio Suisse,
Le Bourgeon, Ecocert, Fairtrade …

The implementation of these fundamentals contributes to the preservation of nature.
The various actors in the sector (consumers in industrialised countries,
manufacturers in the sector, exporters and traders) are gradually
imposing these rules, which are essential to the protection
and sustainability of this industry.