For our trading activity, we proceed to a risk assessment by conducting an in-depth analysis
of all stages of our business transactions. This approach allows us to mitigate
the different types of risks that can materialize during
the conclusion and execution of contracts.

We use financial instruments on the futures markets to mitigate price volatility risk
on Ice London and New York, as well as for foreign exchange.

We constantly monitor the geopolitical environment in the origins, follow the
meteorological evolution as well as the crop statistics in the producing
countries, all of which play a major role in the process of sourcing.

We have, over the years, developed strong relationships with suppliers worldwide
for the sourcing and marketing of cocoa and coffee, in countries such as
Cameroun, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone,
Madagascar, Congo RDC, Congo Brazzaville…

This network and these partnerships provide a secured sourcing of our commercial
transactions and will allow us to continue developing our market penetration
by offering an efficient service at competitive prices.

We are developing long lasting commercial relationships with Farmers by suggesting
accurate method for the preparation of their products, with Exporters by
providing them with informations on market trends and on the foreign
exchange market, and with Industrials/Manufacturers
as a provider of services, on demand.

With the aim to improve productivity, quality and profitability.